A joint program between the Hope Center and the Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences (ICTS)


ICTS/Hope Center JIT Awards are designed to provide quick access to funds for core use, for projects that are consistent with the Hope Center mission. A successful ICTS/Hope Center JIT application is designed to investigate molecular mechanisms of nerve cell degeneration and/or a possible therapeutic mechanism to address neurodegeneration, based on an approach that incorporates genetics/genomics and that will be tested through use of an ICTS-affiliated core. Examples include a sequencing project using the Genome Technology Access Center (GTAC), or experiments to manipulate genetic expression using the Transgenic Vectors Core. This program is intended for projects where anticipated core user fees are in excess of $5,000. (For projects with an estimated cost of $5,000 or less, eligible investigators can apply to the ICTS Just-In-Time (JIT) Core Usage Funding Program


An applicant must be a Hope Center faculty member and an ICTS member in order to apply for an ICTS/Hope Center JIT award. The core can be any ICTS-affiliated core; it need not be a Hope Center core.

How to Apply

Applications for an ICTS/Hope Center JIT award will use the same form and instructions as an ICTS JIT application, with some modifications. For the application link, go to the JIT Core Usage Funding Program webpage AND NOTE specific instructions below:

Under “Budget Details”:

  • In describing “Core Services”, please indicate “Hope Center” to show requested amounts over and above $5000.
  • For the line item “Total ICTS JIT Request”, indicate the total request up to $10,000.
  • On the “PI Request Justification” form, “4. Project Specifics” A-D, add:
    E. Justification that this project is consistent with the Hope Center mission.

Timing and Deadlines

The ICTS/Hope Center JIT program is a rolling monthly process. A core must approve an application before 5p on the 10th of the month in order for the application to be considered in that month. Refer to “Mechanisms” on the JIT Core Usage Funding Program webpage.


ICTS/Hope Center JIT Awards provide up to $10,000 towards core user fees. Award dollars will not be dispersed to an awardee and, instead, are a voucher. Funds will be available for up to one year.

Additional Information

For questions, contact Anneliese Schaefer.