The Annual Hope Center Retreat will be held at the Danforth Plant Science Center.


13th Annual Hope Center Retreat

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

All day event
Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

Call for retreat registration opens in March!

Stay tuned for an announcement; for inquiries contact the Hope Center.

Hope Center Lecture

Joseph Lewcock, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer and Head of Discovery
Denali Therapeutics

Targeting brain delivery of biotherapeutics for neurodegenerative disease

Abstract: In this presentation, I will discuss our efforts at Denali to develop novel therapeutics for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases ranging from rare monogenic disorders to Alzheimer’s Disease. Our approach leverages our platform for delivery of therapeutics to the CNS combined with an improved mechanistic understanding of disease. The presentation will include both preclinical data and clinical data from our programs. 


The Hope Center Annual Retreat provides an opportunity to go off-site for a day, focus on Hope Center research, and learn more about transnational Neuroscience outside Washington University. Hope Center faculty and members of their laboratories learn about the latest findings and future directions of member labs in the context of short talks and a poster session. Keynote lectures feature invited speakers who lead their fields with a research/clinical program aligned with the Hope Center mission.

Stay tuned for details below and also on the Office of Neuroscience Research (ONR) Calendar.

For questions about the Hope Center Retreat contact the Hope Center.

Hope Center Awards

Recognizing an exceptional presentation by a trainee at the Annual Hope Center Retreat.

Hope Center Lecture

The keynote Hope Center Lecture is presented at the Annual Hope Center Retreat.

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