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Axon Injury & Repair

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Cell biology and signaling mechanisms underlying axonal/synaptic responses to trauma or disease, mechanisms for repair, and translational approaches to assess axonal integrity

Clocks & Sleep Club

Advances in the study of biological timing and sleep

Lipid Metabolism

Connections between lipid metabolism, immune activation and neurological/psychiatric disorders

Lysosome Processing & Transport

Lysosome biology and therapeutic strategies for lysosomal storage diseases

Neurodegeneration /HPAN

Underlying molecular mechanisms that lead to protein aggregation and disease

Neurogenetics & Transcriptomics

Genetic pathways underlying neurological disorders, techniques to identify those pathways, and genetics/genomics as tools to develop therapeutics

NeuroRestorative Therapy

Development of novel multidisciplinary therapeutic strategies to restore neurological function 

Neurovascular Injury & Repair

Note, this group has sunsetted and all are invited to the new 
CVRC Seminar Series