Organizers: Hiroko Yano, Fumihiko Urano, Albert Kim


To restore neurological function in patients suffering from diseases that impact the human nervous system through the development of novel multidisciplinary therapeutic strategies.


  1. Development and implementation of clinical trials for patients with neurological diseases using regenerative medicine-, cell-, drug-, and virus-based approaches
  2. Development of patient tissue-derived models of human diseases
  3. Understanding disease mechanisms using cell and animal models to translate findings to human diseases

Target disease areas

  • Neurodegenerative diseases, including diseases of the eye
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Brain tumors
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders

Specific neurological diseases of interest include Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Wolfram syndrome, spinal cord injury, and brain tumors (glioblastoma, meningioma, pituitary tumors)

2023/2024 Schedule

1st Wednesday of the month
12:00p – 1:00p
Zoom conference

For inquiries or to be added to the NRTG Outlook Zoom distribution list contact the Hope Center.

  • October 4: Hao Chen (Kim lab, WashU Neurosurgery) “A reductionist perspective of the Hao-Fountain syndrome protein USP7 in the developing brain”
  • November 1
  • December 6
  • January 3: David Curiel (Radiation Oncology)
  • February 7: Hong Chen (WashU Biomedical Engineering and Neurosurgery)
  • March 6: Laura Campisi (WashU Pathology & Immunology)
  • April 3: Dylan Galloway (Miller lab, WashU Neurology)
  • May 1: Joseph Corbo (WashU Pathology & Immunology)

For inquiries email the Hope Center.

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All meetings are listed on the ONR Calendar of the Office of Neuroscience Research.

NeuroRestorative Therapy Group (NRTG): Affiliated faculty members

Sarah Ackerman (WashU Pathology & Immunology)
Rajendra Apte (WashU Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences)
Laura Campisi (WashU Pathology & Immunology)
Hong Chen (WashU Biomedical Engineering)
Mai Dang (WashU Neurology)
Patricia Dickson (WashU Pediatrics)
Albert Kim (WashU Neurosurgery)
Jonathan Kipnis (WashU Pathology & Immunology)
Terrance Kummer (WashU Neurology)
Eric Landsness (WashU Neurology)
Eric Lenze (WashU Psychiatry)
Tim Miller (WashU Neurology)
Jeffrey Millman (WashU Medicine)
Camilo Molina (WashU Neurosurgery)
Andrew Nguyen (Saint Louis University)
Cynthia Ortinau (WashU Pediatrics)
Zack Ray (WashU Neurosurgery)
Maria Remedi (WashU Medicine)
Jennifer Strahle (WashU Neurosurgery)
Fumihiko Urano (WashU Medicine)
Hiroko Yano (WashU Neurosurgery)
Andrew Yoo (WashU Developmental Biology)