Organizer: Jason Ulrich

The Neurodegeneration Research Group is the working group for the Hope Center Program on Protein Aggregation & Neurodegeneration (HPAN), the most formalized of the Hope Center Research Groups. HPAN’s goal is to develop better ways to diagnose and treat neurodegenerative diseases through an understanding of the underlying molecular mechanisms that lead to protein aggregation and disease. 

2023 Spring Schedule

2nd Wednesday of the month
8:30a – 9:30a
HYBRID: BJC Institute of Health 9AB and Zoom conference

For virtual meeting information email the Hope Center or click the Zoom links button below.

  • HYBRID January 11: Muhammad Ali, Dan Western (Cruchaga lab, WashU Psychiatry)
    • Muhammad Ali: “Integrated proteomics reveals brain-based cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers in Alzheimer’s disease”
    • Dan Western: “Integration of cerebrospinal fluid pQTL analysis and disease GWAS identifies novel causal proteins for Alzheimer’s disease”
  • HYBRID February 8: Reshma Bhagat (Karch lab, WashU Psychiatry) “LncRNA-SNHG8 modifies tauopathy via stress granule formation”
  • HYBRID March 8: Steffen Storck (Kipnis lab, WashU Pathology & Immunology) “Meningeal lymphatics regulate the function of the blood-brain barrier”
  • VIRTUAL April 12: Fabia Filipello (Karch lab, WashU Psychiatry) “Defects in lysosomal function and lipid metabolism in human microglia harboring a TREM2 loss of function mutation”
  • HYBRID May 10: Nicolas Barthelemy (WashU Neurology)

For previous years’ talks, check out the archives link below.

All meetings are listed on the ONR Calendar of the Office of Neuroscience Research.

Neurodegeneration Group: Affiliated faculty members

Beau Ances (WashU Neurology)
Ghazal Ashrafi (WashU Cell Biology & Physiology)
Yuna Ayala (Saint Louis University)
Randall Bateman (WashU Neurology)
Tammie Benzinger (WashU Radiology)
Kendall Blumer (WashU Cell Biology & Physiology)
Thomas Brett (WashU Medicine)
Anil Cashikar (WashU Psychiatry)
Zhou-Feng Chen (WashU Anesthesiology)
John Cirrito (WashU Neurology)
Marco Colonna (WashU Pathology & Immunology)
Carlos Cruchaga (WashU Psychiatry)
Gus Davis (WashU Neurology)
Abhinav Diwan (WashU Medicine)
Anne Fagan (WashU Neurology)
Susan Farr (Saint Louis University)
Liberty Francois-Moutal (Saint Louis University)
Carl Frieden (WashU Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics)
Gilbert Gallardo (WashU Neurology)
Brian Gordon (WashU Radiology)
Dennis Hallahan (WashU Radiation Oncology)
Edward Han (WashU Neuroscience)
Tamara Hershey (WashU Psychiatry)
Keiko Hirose (WashU Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery)
David Holtzman (WashU Neurology)
Song Hu (WashU Biomedical Engineering)
Meredith Jackrel (WashU Chemistry)
Sanjay Jain (WashU Medicine)
Celeste Karch (WashU Psychiatry)
Jonathan Kipnis (WashU Pathology & Immunology)
Paul Kotzbauer (WashU Neurology)
Lex Kravitz (WashU Psychiatry)
Geraldine Kress (WashU Neurology)
Terrance Kummer (WashU Neurology)
Jin-Moo Lee (WashU Neurology)
Mingjie Li (WashU Neurology)
Tristan Li (WashU Neuroscience)
David Limbrick (WashU Neurosurgery)
Brendan Lucey (WashU Neurology)
Moe Mahjoub (WashU Medicine)
Soe Soe Mar (WashU Neurology)
Helen McNeill (WashU Developmental Biology)
Steve Mennerick (WashU Psychiatry)
Tim Miller (WashU Neurology)
John Morris (WashU Neurology)
Erik Musiek (WashU Neurology)
Andrew Nguyen (Saint Louis University)
David Ornitz (WashU Developmental Biology)
Rohit Pappu (WashU Biomedical Engineering)
Steven Paul (WashU Psychiatry)
David Perlmutter (WashU Pediatrics)
Joel Perlmutter (WashU Neurology)
Richard Perrin (WashU Pathology & Immunology)
Alan Pestronk (WashU Neurology)
Steve Petersen (WashU Neurology)
Marc Raichle (WashU Radiology)
Naresha Saligrama (WashU Neurology)
Daniela Salvemini (Saint Louis University)
Mark Sands (WashU Medicine)
Anneliese Schaefer (WashU Neurology)
Robert Schmidt (WashU Pathology & Immunology)
Joy Snider (WashU Neurology)
Amber Stratman (WashU Cell Biology & Physiology)
Heather True (WashU Cell Biology & Physiology)
Jason Ulrich (WashU Neurology)
Fumihiko Urano (WashU Medicine)
Andrei Vlassenko (WashU Radiology)
Yong Wang (WashU Radiology)
Chris Weihl (WashU Neurology)
David Wozniak (WashU Psychiatry)
Hiroko Yano (WashU Neurosurgery)
Andrew Yoo (WashU Developmental Biology)
Gregory Zipfel (WashU Neurosurgery)