Philip Bayly, PhD

Philip Bayly, PhD

Lee Hunter Distinguished Professor and Chair, WashU Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science

Biomechanical factors in traumatic injury to the brain and spinal cord

Clayton et al. (2011) International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine

The Bayly lab investigates the application of nonlinear dynamics and vibrations to mechanical and biomedical systems including the biomechanics of brain development, MR imaging of gyrogenesis (cortical folding), measurement of mechanical properties in the developing brain, and simulation of growth and morphogenesis. Additionally, Bayly researches the dynamics of the brain through MR imaging and analysis of motion. His studies include those examining brain deformation during head acceleration and impact impact, intracranial strain in mouse models of concussion, tagged magnetic resonance imaging of strain in accelerating human and animal brains, and MR elastography. His brain-dynamics team has observed how human brains respond to voluntary skull acceleration. This research has uncovered explanations of unexpected brain-injury patterns.

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