Yang (Eric) Li, PhD

Yang (Eric) Li, PhD

Assistant Professor, WashU Neurosurgery

Deciphering how risk variants alter gene regulation in brain diseases with advanced genetic, genomic, and bioinformatic tools

My long-term research interests include developing innovative bioinformatic tools/methods and utilizing cutting-edge (epi)genomic techniques to gain a comprehensive understanding of gene regulation in mammalian models and humans, particularly in neuropsychiatric disorders.

My early works uncover the evolution of species, the post-transcriptional regulation, and the epigenetic reprogramming of human disease. Over the past five years, I participated in the BRAIN Initiative and have made key contributions to the mapping of epigenetic landscapes in thousands of distinct cell types from >3 million individual cell nuclei in both human and mouse adult brains. I also focused on developing and applying innovative computational tools, deep learning models and advanced single-cell epigenetic technologies to annotate cell types, decipher gene regulatory programs in both mice and humans, and interpret non-coding risk variants of human neuropsychiatric disorders.

I believe that my research interests will align well with the mission of the Hope Center.

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