2013 Hope Center Retreat

April 23, 2013: Danforth Plant Science Center Read More

Program, 2013 Retreat

Welcome and Opening Remarks: Anneliese Schaefer (Executive Director)

State of the Hope Center: Alison Goate (Director)

Session 1: Axon Injury & Repair (Chair: Aaron DiAntonio (Developmental Biology))

  • Elisabetta Babetto (DiAntonio Lab, Developmental Biology)
    “The Phr1 ubiquitin ligase promotes injury-induced axon self-destruction”
  • Jacqueline Hawkins-Salsbury (Sands Lab, Internal Medicine)
    “Three-Pronged Combination Therapy Dramatically Improves  Disease Course in Mouse model of Krabbe Disease”
  • Jonathan Power (Petersen Lab, Neurology)
    “Severity and breadth of cognitive impairment after lesions is  predicted by node integration in human resting state MRI networks”

Session 2: Neurovascular Injury & Repair (Chair: Jeff Gidday (Neurosurgery))

  • Lillian Cruz-Orengo (Klein Lab, Internal Medicine)
    “Sexually dimorphic expression of S1PR2 and its role in female  susceptibility to CNS autoimmunity”
  • Brian Soetikno (Wang and Lee Labs, Biomedical Engineering and Neurology)
    “Multi-parameter Photoacoustic Microscopy of Ischemic Stroke”
  • Adam Eggebrecht (Culver Lab, Radiology)
    “Bedside monitoring of resting state functional connectivity networks in acute ischemic stroke patients using diffuse optical tomography”

Genomics & Pathology Services (GPS): Jeff Millbrandt (Genetics)

Hope Center Lecture: Ryan Watts (Genentech)
“Crossing the Blood-Brain Barrier with Therapeutic Antibodies”

Session 3: Neurodegeneration (Chair: Marc Diamond (Neurology))

  • Kevin Stein (True Lab, Cell Biology & Physiology)
    “DNAJB6 mutations associated with dominantly-inherited myopathy have remarkably selective binding of specific conformations of client proteins”
  • David Sanders (Diamond Lab, Neurology)
    “Generation and propagation of tau prion strains in dividing mammalian cells”
  • Kaoru Yamada (Holtzman Lab, Neurology)
    “Excitatory neuronal activity regulates extracellular tau in vivo”
  • Sarah DeVos (Miller Lab, Neurology)
    “Tau Knockdown in the Adult Mouse Significantly Reduces Severity of Excitotoxic Seizures”

Session 4: Neurogenetics (Chair: Christina Gurnett (WUSTL Neurology))

  • Tao Sun (Rubin Lab, Pediatrics)
    “Cell-intrinsic Sex Differences Underlie the Male Prevalence in  Glioma Incidence”
  • Sheng-Chih (Peter) Jin (Cruchaga Lab, Psychiatry)
    “CSF biomarker as endophenotypes to infer functional mechanisms  of the Alzheimer’s disease GWAS-identified genes”
  • Laura Heitsch (Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine)
    “Genetics of early stroke recovery”

Poster session