Ikbal Sencan-Egilmez, PhD

Ikbal Sencan-Egilmez, PhD

Assistant Professor, WashU Radiology

Development and use of advanced optical microscopy solutions for preclinical imaging studies in brain and beyond

The Sencan-Egilmez lab integrates state-of-the-art in vivo optical microscopy methods, molecular probes, and new experimental approaches for preclinical animal studies investigating oxygenation and blood flow at unprecedented spatiotemporal resolutions in the brain and beyond. The lab employs advanced optical microscopy platforms for neurovascular imaging applications. The overarching goals of my research program are well aligned with the Hope Center mission: 

  1. Providing fundamental insights on previously inaccessible aspects of physiological mechanisms associated with various brain conditions;
  2. Supporting calibration methods and computational modelling for quantification of the signals obtained with noninvasive human brain imaging modalities, such as Blood Oxygen Level Dependent (BOLD) functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI);
  3. Identifying early markers of neurovascular diseases and informing the improvement of preventive and therapeutic strategies.

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