Neurobiology of Disease

Bio5663, an advanced graduate course on the pathology of nervous system disorders, offered every other spring Read More

Overview for Spring 2018

When: Tuesdays 5-7p
Where: Farrell 214

Please contact Chris Weihl (Course Director) with any questions.

Current Schedule: For the 2018 schedule, click here.

Course Description: This is an advanced graduate course on the pathology of nervous system disorders. This course is primarily intended to acquaint Neuroscience graduate students with a spectrum of neurological diseases, and to consider how advanced neuroscientific approaches may be applied to promoting recovery in the brain.

Topics will be presented by Washington University faculty members and include: neurooncology, stroke, retinal disease, perinatal brain injury, neurodegenerative disorders, neuroinflammation, epilepsy, and psychiatric disorders.

The class will meet for 2 hours each week. Each session will be led by a faculty guest with expertise in a specific neurological or psychiatric disease. In the first hour, the speaker will discuss clinical manifestations and pathophysiology. Where possible, the clinical presentation will be supplemented with a patient demonstration or videotape. After a thirty minute break for pizza and soda, the second hour will follow a journal club format. Two or three students will review current papers assigned by the speaker or course director.


The class is open to advanced PhD and MD/PhD graduate students in the Neuroscience program. First-year Neuroscience graduate students may enroll only with permission from the advisory committee. Graduate students in other programs, faculty, upper-level undergraduates, resident physicians, and postdoctoral fellows are invited to enroll if space allows with prior arrangement with the course director. Regardless of course status (credit, no credit, audit, non-student etc), every participant is expected to present papers, contribute to discussion, and attend all lectures.


Introductory neuroscience course at the graduate or medical school level.


Two credit hours. There is no lab or discussion section. Pass/fail or audit only by prior arrangement.


No required text. Two papers will be assigned for review prior to each session. Each student will present at least two or three papers during the course. Grades will be determined on the basis of presentations and class participation.


Chris Weihl, MD, PhD (Course Director)


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Journal Club Format

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