Monday Noon Seminars

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Monday Noon seminars are hosted by the Hope Center and the Department of Neurology.  Talks are organized around mini-series topics; each mini-series is organized by Hope Center faculty members to feature investigators from Washington University as well as one outside speaker. Monday Noon seminars run from September through May each year.

All seminars are listed on the Neuroscience Calendar of the Office of Neuroscience Research.

For inquiries, contact John Cirrito or Cindy Lawrence.

2017/2018 Schedule

Mondays, 12-1p
September- June
Holden Auditorium (Farrell Learning and Teaching Center)

Mini-Series Topics:

Role of Glia in Neurodegeneration
Addiction and Reward System
Microbiome and Neurological Disease
Shared Series with Developmental Biology

Special Hope Center Seminars

Role of Glia in Neurodegeneration

Organizer, Erik Musiek

  • October 30: Beau Ances (WashU Neurology)
  • November 6: Tyler Ulland (Colonna Lab, WashU Pathology & Immunology) “Trem2: key to microglial fitness in Alzheimer’s disease”
  • November 27: Joseph Dougherty (WashU Genetics) “Astrocyte alternative translation and neurological disease”
  • December 4: Erik Musiek (WashU Neurology) “Circadian regulation of glial function”
  • December 11: David Gutmann (WashU Neurology) “Microglia as critical drivers of brain tumor biology”
  • December 18: Kim Green (University of California, Irvine)

Addiction and Reward System

Organizer, Michael Bruchas

  • January 8
  • January 22 
  • January 29  
  • February 5 

Microbiome and Neurological Disease

Organizer, Laura Piccio

  • February 19 
  • February 26 
  • March 5 
  • March 12 


Organizers, Chris Weihl and Tim Miller

  • March 19 
  • March 26 
  • April 2 
  • April 9 

Neuronal Aging and Proteostasis

Organizer, Andrew Yoo (co-hosted with the Department of Developmental Biology)

  • April 30 
  • May 7 
  • May 14 
  • May 21 

Special Seminars

  • October 2: Vikram Shakkottai (University of Michigan Medicine), “Targeting neuronal dysfunction in cerebellar ataxia” 
  • November 20: David Holtzman, “State of the Hope Center”
  • June 4: Winners, Hope Center Awards (selected from presentations at the Hope Center Retreat on April 10, 2018)

Past Mini-Series Topics

Mini-series topics from previous seasons.

Previous mini-series