Adish Dani, PhD

Assistant Professor of Pathology & Immunology

High-resolution imaging of synaptic architecture and function Read More

Lab Phone: (314) 286-0271
Lab Location: BJC Institute of Health 8115/8118
Keywords: synaptic mechanisms of sensory circuits, brain synapse structure-function relationships and plasticity during development and in neurodegenerative disorders, super-resolution microscopy, biochemistry, cell biology, optogenetics

High-resolution imaging of synaptic architecture and function

My research interests are broadly centered on the molecular and cellular biology of sensory systems to understand how environmental sensory cues are detected and translated into innate as well as learned behavioral outputs. Using the mouse olfactory and vomeronasal chemosensory systems as models, we investigate A) the molecular and cellular mechanisms that enable signal detection and transduction in sensory neurons, and B) how sensory experience sculpts the plastic properties of synapses in these circuits. A third major goal is to develop novel nanoscopic imaging methods to address goals outlined in A and B and to reveal dynamic structure-function relationships at major cellular junctions such as neuronal synapses.

Updated November 2014

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