Sergej Djuranovic, PhD

Associate Professor of Cell Biology & Physiology

Molecular mechanisms of translational control Read More

Lab Phone: (314) 362-8936
Website: Djuranovic lab
Lab Location: McDonnell Sciences 514
Keywords: RNA biochemistry, miRNAs, Ribosome, gene expression, translational control, protein synthesis, protein folding, neurodegeneration.

Molecular mechanisms of translational control

Dr. Djuranovic’s research examines the cellular processes that are regulated by changes in RNA metabolism and protein synthesis. The focus of his research are molecular mechanisms of gene expression control by miRNAs and RNA-binding proteins. Dr. Djuranovic group studies evolutionary conservation of RNA and protein motifs that regulate gene expression by direct interaction with protein synthesis machinery as well as their role in protein folding. Mutations in miRNAs, RNA-binding proteins as well as changes in regulation of protein synthesis are signature of neurodegenerative diseases.